What I Do

I work in different areas within fashion styling for both men and women.

With my education within fashion, journalism and marketing I offer following services:

x Fashion Styling
x Personal styling
x Wardrobe planning
x Editorial work

Fashion Styling is my primary area. I work to reflect the customer and to reach its target audience by doing proper research and put all the energy in order for it to be perfect and meet all requirements. I always keep track on current and future trends and I can help you with styling for still pictures such as fashion series and commercial assignments as well as moving pictures, fashion shows and other missions.

As a personal shopper and wardrobe planner I can offer you a consultation based on your needs and expectations.  I can help you with a complete wardrobe make over or just a special occasion. I always take your wishes into account. I’m here to help you find clothes  that suits your style, body type and personality and to enhance your best features by using the colors and materials that works best for you.

I also do editorial work within fashion and lifestyle.

For further information, prices and any questions please contact me below.


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