The intern

So lats week I scored a internship at Forward PR here in London, it feels amazing and I’m so exciting about working there. I’m gonna spend two days a week at their office near by Piccadilly circus. I had my first day yesterday and everyone was so sweet and nice so it feels really, really good.

This week school started again, also very exciting! This semester I’m taking creative directions for fashion media, styling, marketing, journalism, PR and social media & online communication. So far I’ve had my first classes in everything except journalism and social media and I must say I’m very happy with the introduction, they all feel very inspiring and interesting (ask me again in March when I’m in the middle of deadlines and final presentations.. JK)

Now I’m going to unpack the rest of my stuff, we moved in to our flat last Monday but since they days has been pretty hectic I still have some things left in my suitcase. We left Chelsea for our new neighborhood Marleybone, very central, very posh. I feel a little misplaced but I can’t complain though, it’s lovely to just have a 15 minute walk to school!