Don’t lose who you are


This is me. According to my self. Described through a mood board. For my Styling teacher. Interesting to see what my mind makes up sometimes.


Little Mermaid

I love this Russian version of the little mermaid. One of my teachers showed it to me during a research class and I totally fell in love with it. I think it’s so inspiring. This is just a short version of the movie and unlike the Disney fairytale this story is absolutely heartbreaking.

ps. isn’t the song just amazing as well? I don’t understand a word of it but I still think it’s so beautiful and emotional!


I’m not entierly sure how many times I’ve watched Karl Lagerfelds Reincarnation. I think it’s so good in so many ways, and so smart. As the title tells the movie retraces the story of how Gabrielle Chanel got inspired by a jacket worn by a lift boy at a hotel which later would turn in to the iconic Chanel Jacket. Reincarnation at it’s best. this is seven minutes of beauty, inspiration and art.