Ten fresh ways to wear a hoodie

I saw this a few days ago at Vogue.com and have not really been able to stop thinking about it. ¬†Imman Hamman shows 10 different ways to wear a hoodie. My teenage it garment that are now making a comeback. I think it feels like a very interesting and exciting garment to put together with everything from dresses to swimsuits. It feels like a pretty obvious next step to take after all the sporty influenced collections in recent seasons. I associate the word hoodie with evenings at home or powerwalking, but here there was lot of great inspiration for how to wear it and It ¬†atleast got me to change the perception of it. I’m pretty minimalist and never wear patterns or a lot of color and hoodies feels like an excellent garment to use as a compromise to enhance an outfit, and increase the drama of it. If you want to see all 10 looks, you’ll find them here!