Interview with Nathan Thelen

Here’s a little interview with my friend Nathan, he currently lives in Iowa but spent his last semester in London and that’s how I got to know him!


To Me Nathan is a Supreme addict whit a big heart and a kind soul. He spreads great energy and it’s always fun to spend time with him.

Hi The real Nate T! How’s your week been?
It’s been busy actually, a lot of school work and trying to balance everything.

Cool! How does it feel to be famous? It’s cool even though I’m not famous. I would like to be very much though, but at a certain level, not too much ya know?

You used to be a student at London College of Fashion! How come you decided to go there?
I decided to go there to get a better understanding of fashion and how it works outside of the United States. Also, I just wanted to see London (who wouldn’t)

How did you like LCF?
I liked it there. The classes taught me everything I needed to know for the future in the industry.

What’s the best part about the school?
The best part were the instructors and the people I met through the school because they knew so much about fashion and the industry.

What classes did you take?
I took Fashion Styling, Creative Visual Communication, Visual Merchandising, and Trend Forecasting

What do you want to do in the future?
I would like to become a very well-known stylist or a bigger dream would to become a creative director.

What’s your dream job?
My dream job would be the creative director for my own company or a well known brand.

What is London to you?
London was a memory for a lifetime, and I’ll never forget it.

16325587_10154347156802217_682183582_o  What’s your best London memory?
My best London memory was London Fashion Week, and learning how fashion is so diverse from it.

What are you doing now that you left London?
I am currently finishing up my last semester and my university, and then off into the real world.

What’s the soundtrack to your life?
Currently the soundtrack to my life is Birds In The Trap Sing McKnight

What’s the favorite piece of clothing in your wardrobe?
My favorite piece to wear would be my Off White jeans with the raw edge and bleached ends.

What would you never wear?
You could never catch me in oversized jeans, crocs, or and mainstream used brands.

What’s the most expensive thing you ever bought?
The most expensive purchase I made was in Paris on my Goyard bag.

Do you have a secret talent?
My secret talent is I’m pretty damn good at Pac Man.

What do you wish you were good at that you’re currently not?
I wish I could sew better.

If you could travel anywhere in the world where would you go?
I would definitely go to Japan or Tokyo, I heard it’s amazing there.

img_8565Who’s your all time celebrity crush?
Rihanna, hands down.

What’s your fav social media?

Who should I follow and why?
Follow Luka Sabbat on twitter and Instagram. This man knows what he is doing and where he is going.

Do you have a favorite tv show?
My favorite TV show right now is Stranger Things.

In case of a fire, what would you save?
I would save my Mother, Father, Sister, and Dog…. And all of my clothes.

How do you feel about Donald Trump? Hey he’s our president.. There’s not much we can do now, except to hope for the best and just wait it out.

What scares you? Spiders and snakes

Why do you like Miccaela? She’s a pretty cool girl, and always has a smile on.

Why do you think she’s cool? She knows how to party hard.

A Few Favorites:
Favorite food would be lobster, or any kind of sea food. I love sea food. 
Currently I am wearing Versace Eros, it smells so fucking good. 
Favorite store right now is Gucci or Dover Street Market 
I love GQ
I like reading the Harry Potter books. 
 I liked the one called Musée de l’Orangerie

If you want to follow Nathan on his fav social media instagram he goes by the name @therealnatet


London College of Fashion – day 2

So second day of school is done. I can’t explain how much I love it here so I’m nog gonna try to either but oh my I’m so happy here.


Today we met some of our teachers – Fifi who will teach us in fashion history and artifact and Michael who’s the teacher of British cultural studies. They both seems amazing and I got so inspired by the both of them. I just want the classes to start NOW.  We also met a woman who work for WGSN who thought us how to use their services which was fun cause when I studied at SoFI in Norway my trend forecasting teacher taught us so much about the things she talked about so I felt right at home at once haha. Now I’m reeeeeally tired after all the info and impressions of these last two days.

Tomorrow we will be walking around London and hopefully I have the opportunity to take som pictures for the blog. Now I’m off to meet up with two american girls from school for some coffee.



My summer must haves

summer essentails

Here it is! My 2016 summer board . Since I’m going on my vacation in two weeks I wanted to create a moodboard of summer essentials. So here’s what’s on it. I LOVE to switch all body butters and lotions for oils in the summer and the honey bronze body oil from The body shop also leaves the skin whit a really nice glow which is a huge bonus. The Earin rose oil leaves the skin on your face hydrated and has a lighter feeling then a face cream. The Clean edp is my perfect summer scent, it’s fresh and citrus-y and that’s how a summer should smell according to me. It’s important to protect your lips as well as your skin from UV-rays, this lip balm from supergoop! SPF 30 gives a cooling sensation on the lips as well. AND even though it’s not on my board, don’t forget to use SPF to protect yourself from the sun and remember to drink plenty of water!

As I mentioned in my summer list I wanted a pair of slippers and I think the Adilettes from Adidas are so nice, they’re sporty yet cute.  I also wrote about reading more books and Dana Thomas book Delux is the first one I want to start with. Then we have a really beautiful beach look and THE most fabbeach bag.

Now I can’t wait to head of to the beach!!!!!

#Fashionweek x Carin Wester

Carin Westers show was very laid-back but in a chic way. The colours were mostly in bordeux and marine with som cool prints on some pieces. The silhuettes was very interesting to me with some elongated and highlighted waist. Over all it’s pretty wearable and I like it a lot. The printed coat and pants are to die for.

Best looks according to me: (ph:

MNO07931-665x1000 MNO0280-665x1000 MNO0300-665x1000 MNO07132-665x1000 MNO0415-665x1000 MNO0028-665x1000 MNO0061-665x1000 MNO06611-665x1000 MNO0074-665x1000 MNO0755-665x1000 MNO0371-665x1000 MNO0689-665x1000 MNO02191-665x1000




#Fashionweek x Dagmar

The next collection I’m gonna give you my thoughts about is House of Dagmar, driven by three sisters. I’ve always been fascinated about Dagmar and I love their choice of textiles and colours this season. It’s a bit rough and hard but still dreamy and feminin. It contains everything from pleats to asymmetric cuts and sporty influences. The colours are also great, there was a lot of beige, blue, black and white. to summarise it I think it’s a very well tailored collection that shows some great craftsmanship.

These are my favouirte looks (ph from

MNO0675-665x1000 MNO0126-665x1000 MNO0059-665x1000 MNO04461-665x1000 MNO0036-665x1000 MNO0143-665x1000 MNO0784-665x1000 MNO0533-665x1000 MNO0814-665x1000 MNO0489-665x1000 MNO0756-665x1000 MNO02111-665x1000 MNO0626-665x1000 MNO0179-665x1000 MNO0345-665x1000 MNO0587-665x1000