Me and my best friend Johan got matching tattoos last friday. It was my birthday gift since I turned 25 a few months ago. It’s a small universe since we feel like the universe revolves around us. I also got another universe inspired tattoo on my back which consists of a tiny moon and a sun. Now I just want to get more.


London College of Fashion

Today I started studying at London College of Fashion where I will spend the next year. I’m starting as a Fashion business student and the next semester I’m planning on taking Fashion media and communication.

IMG_8470One of LCF’s facilities at John Prince’s street

I moved to London last Saturday and I love it here. I feel so at home and I’ve done that since landing at Luton airport. I moved here and applied to the school through the IBS agency which the other Swedish girls did as well and it’s really fun to have them around. I share a small room with a Swedish girl and we share the entire floor with 9 other super sweet IBS girls. So right now we’re getting to know each other and the rest of the students in our class. This week is orientation week but I can’t wait for our classes to start next week. This semester I’m taking buying & product development, Luxury brand management and Trend forecasting and then we have some mandatory classes such as history and artifact and British cultural studies.

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Amazing pastel houses at Carnaby Street 

Festival styling

as a part of my fashion styling glass we got a group assignment to do a styling based on a summer trend and my group who consisted of me, Ardijana and Aza choosed the bohemian festival trend.

It was really fun to work as a team, Aza and Ardi ar such sweet girls so it was a pleasure working with them. We had the shoot on our school and it was a great day!

My first ever styling assignment

The first request I ever got as a stylist was when I was still in school. It was for a make up artists named Sara’s final exam. The model was so pretty and Sara is really talented.

I didn’t get a moodboard for this job, but the MUA sent me a few pictures from Pinterest that she liked and this is my interpretation of them.

I came up with three different looks, unfortunately all the shoes I brought were too small so I had  to borrow one of the assistants shoes for the full body pictures, other than that I like the results of it considering it was the first “real” styling I ever did. I think the closeups are really nice!



My summer must haves

summer essentails

Here it is! My 2016 summer board . Since I’m going on my vacation in two weeks I wanted to create a moodboard of summer essentials. So here’s what’s on it. I LOVE to switch all body butters and lotions for oils in the summer and the honey bronze body oil from The body shop also leaves the skin whit a really nice glow which is a huge bonus. The Earin rose oil leaves the skin on your face hydrated and has a lighter feeling then a face cream. The Clean edp is my perfect summer scent, it’s fresh and citrus-y and that’s how a summer should smell according to me. It’s important to protect your lips as well as your skin from UV-rays, this lip balm from supergoop! SPF 30 gives a cooling sensation on the lips as well. AND even though it’s not on my board, don’t forget to use SPF to protect yourself from the sun and remember to drink plenty of water!

As I mentioned in my summer list I wanted a pair of slippers and I think the Adilettes from Adidas are so nice, they’re sporty yet cute.  I also wrote about reading more books and Dana Thomas book Delux is the first one I want to start with. Then we have a really beautiful beach look and THE most fabbeach bag.

Now I can’t wait to head of to the beach!!!!!

The seventies styling

When I was a student at School of Fashion Industry we had a class in fashion styling. We were supposed to make a fashion editorial for a Norwegian magazine called Det Nye. Det Nye has a target audience consisting of girls in the age of 15-35. I would say that it’s best compared to Cosmopolitan. The fashion editorials in the magazine are very “girl next door” and the outfits are easy to understand and recreate for yourself.

Since I’m Swedish I wasn’t familiar whit this magazine and I had never red it before. So I did A LOT of research on the magazine to understand what kind of message they wanted to send out. I tried to map the brands, prices and styles so my styling would appeal the readers.

Our editorial was supposed to be about trends for S/S 15 and I choosed to work with the 70’s trend. I got very inspired by the collections from House of Holland, Gucci, Paul & Joe, Acne Studios and Chloe. Then it was time for research research research again ( I love the research part!!). And then I did some moodboards.


This is my mood-moodboard, I wanted the model to look confident and natural without any extreme poses. I also thought this reflected the magazine and the readers well since it’s easy yet beautiful.


For hair and make up I got inspired by Bottega Veneta who showed a bold lip and brown eyeshadows during their S/S 15 fashion show. I loved the bohemian curls which I saw at Chloé and Etro. Once again I kept it quite simple and easy but with a glamorous twist.


And after hours of research I finally was able to put together my ideas and this is my styling moodboard. I wanted to work with patterns, suede and denim and do a modern interpretation of the typical 70’s silhouettes and styles.

Then it was time to get to work, I found the perfect team to work with and a beautiful model. The results came out great and I got an A on my exam. This is how it all came out:


To see more of my previous work check out my portfolio here.

The summer of 2016

summerMe and my sister in greece last summer

My summer plans: I’ve got so many! But I love to long for special days and to keep my schedule busy so it feels great. I’m very much looking forward to traveling to Greece with my mother for two weeks at the end of July, dancing at way out west, hang out with my friends who’s finally home for the summer. I’m also planning to read a lot. I always find it difficult to let my self do that. I always feel that I’ve got more important things to do but now that’s going to change. I’m really gonna give myself that time.

Best place to spend the summer? In Sweden it’s definitely my hometown, I’ve got so many precious summer memories from there. If I can choose from the entire world I would say Los Angeles (or the entire state of California perhaps?).

Where do you I prefer to swim? In any pool. Preferably all the time. I love swimming.

L.Ahow perfect? Magazines and Mojito by the poolside in San Diego.

How long is your vacation? 2 weeks as for now and some spread out days.

What do you look forward to? Just the feeling of summer. To never get cold. Everything feels possible. Rosé wine.

IMG_6204me and my previous roomie a sunny summer evening on a rooftop in Oslo.  

what are you planning on buying for your vacay?  I would like to answer everything. How amazing isn’t it to buy a completely new wardrobe for summer?! But I’m settling for some shirts, preferably in a linen material and some shorts since it seems like I lost all of mine. I also crave some nice summer shoes – I refuse to wear Birkenstocks but I wouldn’t mind wearing som pretty slippers.

These are my tunes for summer? I want tropical house and electric tunes mixed up with soul and some Swedish lyrics. So something like this I guess!

How are you gonna get hurt? I have this tradition for the last three years where I manage to fall and destroy my knee. It’s possible that this will be the case for this summer to. But aslong as my heart remain intact I can live with som bruises!

GreeceI really long for white beaches and salt water in my hair. 

Favourite summer scent? I want citrus scents. fresh and light. I like Clean Original och Armani Si Edt very much for summer.

What are you worried about? That the summer is gonna pass by in the blink of an eye and that I won’t enjoy it as much when it’s here as when it turns to autumn.

How are you gonna look back at the summer in september? I hope I will look back on the best summer of my life. Hopefully I will be in London or Paris in September so I wish it gave me a lot of energy and inspiration.

The perfect summer day:The ultimate summer day includes everything. It is best spent on any musicfestival together with people I really love. There is no other than the there and then. The air vibrates with expectations and tones from a really good gig. Or it is one of those days that just happens spontaneously. When one thing leads to another and  then it ends at a nightclub that smells of cold beer and love.

On my way to Fisherman’s Wharf  in San Diego a few summers ago.