#Fashionweek x Carin Wester

Carin Westers show was very laid-back but in a chic way. The colours were mostly in bordeux and marine with som cool prints on some pieces. The silhuettes was very interesting to me with some elongated and highlighted waist. Over all it’s pretty wearable and I like it a lot. The printed coat and pants are to die for.

Best looks according to me: (ph: elle.se)

MNO07931-665x1000 MNO0280-665x1000 MNO0300-665x1000 MNO07132-665x1000 MNO0415-665x1000 MNO0028-665x1000 MNO0061-665x1000 MNO06611-665x1000 MNO0074-665x1000 MNO0755-665x1000 MNO0371-665x1000 MNO0689-665x1000 MNO02191-665x1000





#Fashionweek x Dagmar

The next collection I’m gonna give you my thoughts about is House of Dagmar, driven by three sisters. I’ve always been fascinated about Dagmar and I love their choice of textiles and colours this season. It’s a bit rough and hard but still dreamy and feminin. It contains everything from pleats to asymmetric cuts and sporty influences. The colours are also great, there was a lot of beige, blue, black and white. to summarise it I think it’s a very well tailored collection that shows some great craftsmanship.

These are my favouirte looks (ph from elle.se)

MNO0675-665x1000 MNO0126-665x1000 MNO0059-665x1000 MNO04461-665x1000 MNO0036-665x1000 MNO0143-665x1000 MNO0784-665x1000 MNO0533-665x1000 MNO0814-665x1000 MNO0489-665x1000 MNO0756-665x1000 MNO02111-665x1000 MNO0626-665x1000 MNO0179-665x1000 MNO0345-665x1000 MNO0587-665x1000

#Fashionweek x Maria Nilsdotter

Maria Nilsdotter showed her s/s 16 jewellery collection at Livrustkammaren in Stockholm. I’m not that into jewellery unless it’s really small pieces that almost no one els but you notice. But the pieces she showed?!?!?! OH MY GOD!! It totally makes me want to change my entire style and dare to ware jewellery like hers. and the styling by Maria Monti is fab fab fab. It feels like ballerinas, fairies, and famous women through time like Cleopatra and Marie Antoinette just woke up one morning – went badass and made a revolt against their beauty standards and threw away their fancy dresses and changed them into dramatic bodysuits. It was just great and a perfect combo to the jewellery. I love fashion that tells a story, it’s so inspiring.

ph:elle.se MNO0012-665x1000 MNO0282-665x1000 MNO0086-665x1000 MNO0212-665x1000 MNO01521-665x1000 MNO0118-665x1000 MNO0247-665x1000


#Fashionweek x J.Lindeberg

J.Lindeberg, Founded by my fav designer Johan Lindeberg in 1995. This collection the best of the day in so many ways. Jessy Heuvelink has done a great job. It’s scandinavia meets paris. rock meets feminin and relaxed.  There are some great details like the bow around the neck and the epaulettes on the shoulders. these together with fringes, pleats and leather makes it really interesting and raises the bar for great design. I got the same feeling about this that I did whilst watching YSL’s s/s 15 collection. it’s magical. The jackets are INSANELY good.

Best looks:
(ph: elle.se)

MNO0360-665x1000 MNO0262-665x1000 MNO0204-665x1000 MNO01771-665x1000 MNO0338-665x1000 MNO0404-665x1000 MNO0068-665x1000 MNO0320-665x1000

#Fashionweek x Minimarket

Third show – Minimarket – driven by the Elvested sisters was a really cool comeback after a few years of not attending fashion week. It was a really bold and cool collection with a variety of materials and a broad color palette. The collection included a lot of glitter, stripes and fringed pieces with asymmetric cuts, straight silhuettes, wide legged pants and oversized jackets. To me it felt like minimalism meets glamrock and I loved it.

The best looks (ph: elle)

MNO0538-665x1000 MNO0288-665x1000 MNO0649-665x1000 MNO0889-665x1000 MNO0316-665x1000 MNO0151-665x1000 MNO0478-665x1000 MNO0177-665x1000 MNO0670-665x1000 MNO0815-665x1000

#Fashionweek x Stylein

Next up was my favourite swedish brand Stylein, founded and owned by their creativ director Elin Alemdar. Her design is always Scandinavian and minimalistisk which is the kind of design I love and prefer to wear and this year wasn’t an exception. The colors wear black, white and marine with some really nice palm leaf printed looks. the long and straight silhouettes are to die for and there’s so much in it I wouldn’t mind to wear any day soon. It wasn’t the most typical summer collection (but the summer over here barley dosen’t exist so..) – it had a lot of head to toe pieces except a few off shoulder items including some amazing coats.

these are my fav looks from the show (ph from elle):

MNO0389-665x1000 MNO0261-665x1000 MNO0145-665x1000 MNO0532-665x1000 MNO0502-665x1000 MNO0125-665x1000 MNO0329-665x1000 MNO0414-665x1000

#fashionweek x Ida Sjöstedt

Yesterday was the first day of Stockholm fashion week. I didn’t have time to see any of the shows to give you guys my thoughts then but now I’ve watch the first and second day, two more to go! I must say I’m really proud to be Swedish since all of them presented such good collections for S/S 16, our designers over here are so amazing and talented at what they do.

The first show I saw was also the first of the day. Ida Sjöstedt’s.  her collection with a summer of love theme was nothing but pure beauty, it actually made me cry haha. I really like Ida Sjöstedt, here dresses are always so dreamy, feminin and elegant, all though I must say that this one feels a bit more edgy and tough compared to what she previously showed us. This collection was a bit bohemian yet very romantic in my opinion and it included a lot of florals in tremendous variations but it still has this fairytale princess feeling that I love about her in it. It was very wearable and I love the high waisted dresses and the flow garmenets. No wonder she got the honour to make the dress for our new princess Sofia at her wedding to prince Carl-Philip this summer.

These are a few (really a few) of my favourite looks from the collection. ph from elle.se

MNO0663-665x1000 MNO0820-665x1000 MNO0427-665x1000 MNO0276-665x1000 MNO0050-665x1000 MNO0200-665x1000 MNO0743-665x1000 MNO0399-665x1000