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Currently obsessing about these songs.


Guess who’s back?

Hi there!

I’m sorry for the way too long pause of mine. The truth is I’ve ben so busy the last weeks that I haven’t had time to prioritise the blog. But now I feel really inspired and can’t wait to get started again.

Lately I’ve been working my a** off. I’ve been working 9-5 monday-saturday in the store and done some styling projects before and after work to gain experience (plus it’s super fun) and build my portfolio, on top of that I’ve been at school and had some finals in different courses such as personal styling and fashion semiotics which has due tomorrow along side that I’ve been working on our graduation project in styling which will be finished in two weeks. But thankfully it’s gone great and I got a really good grade in personal styling so I’m really happy! We’ve also started a new course that’s called trends & society. I think it’s super interesting and our teacher is really really good so it’s very inspiring! I think teachers is the most important thing in the world and luckily for me I’ve had the honour to attend a school with nothing but the most amazing teachers.

I can’t wait to show you my styling project when it’s finished! I cross my fingers that everything will work out the way I hope it will.

Have a great day everybody!

10404161_10152761004438284_3826405038891435847_n-2I think this screenshot from Kanye’s runaway movie is beautiful. the entire movie is beautiful. watch it!

FourFive Seconds


Okay, as i previously stated I’m a really really big fan of Kanye’s and today him, Rihanna and Paul McCartney released a video to their song FourFive Seconds, I must admit I didn’t like the song that much the first and second time I heard it but it grew on me and by now I think it’s kind of cozy and the lyrics are quite good as well. Kanye’s verse is of course my favourite part, I’m actually not that into Rihannas music (sorry). But I like the video, the beauty in the simplicity is brilliant and as always I love the black and white temperature of it.

Kanye West

I’ve been a huge fan of Kanye West since forever and I’ve seen him perform twice. I’ve been waiting for some new songs from him since the Yeezus album in 2013 and FINALLY it’s happening. The first song from his new album was released yesterday and I haven’t stopped listening to it since. I think it’s so sweet and touching. Kanye says that he feels like it’s his passed mother Donda who sings through him to his daughter North. The lyrics made me cry the first time I heard it. Kanye is truly an artist and his lyrics are always fantastic and although the sound is a lot different from the previous albums I really really like it and I look forward to hear the rest of his album.