Except that I’m probably the world champion when it comes to online shopping, I’m also a bundle of organized chaos with endless creativity.

My name is Miccaela, I’m a 26-year-old swede, I’ve spent my last years living in London and Oslo where I’ve studied fashion at London College of Fashion and School of Fashion Industry. Now I’m back in Sweden and I have decided to start blogging. Oh. my. god. How will this turn out? I’m pretty sure that this will be a “fashion blog” as it’s so elegantly called, since it’s my favorite thing in life. I will share highs and lows, deep and superficial, but above all I¬†want to share the things I love and the things that inspires me with you and hopefully they can give as much happiness and inspiration to you as it gives me.

This was not the best introduction so if you want to find out who I am I guess you will have to stay tuned.. So welcome to this little blog of mine. Let’s have a blast.