Don’t lose who you are


This is me. According to my self. Described through a mood board. For my Styling teacher. Interesting to see what my mind makes up sometimes.


Ten fresh ways to wear a hoodie

I saw this a few days ago at and have not really been able to stop thinking about it.  Imman Hamman shows 10 different ways to wear a hoodie. My teenage it garment that are now making a comeback. I think it feels like a very interesting and exciting garment to put together with everything from dresses to swimsuits. It feels like a pretty obvious next step to take after all the sporty influenced collections in recent seasons. I associate the word hoodie with evenings at home or powerwalking, but here there was lot of great inspiration for how to wear it and It  atleast got me to change the perception of it. I’m pretty minimalist and never wear patterns or a lot of color and hoodies feels like an excellent garment to use as a compromise to enhance an outfit, and increase the drama of it. If you want to see all 10 looks, you’ll find them here!

#Fashionweek x Maria Nilsdotter

Maria Nilsdotter showed her s/s 16 jewellery collection at Livrustkammaren in Stockholm. I’m not that into jewellery unless it’s really small pieces that almost no one els but you notice. But the pieces she showed?!?!?! OH MY GOD!! It totally makes me want to change my entire style and dare to ware jewellery like hers. and the styling by Maria Monti is fab fab fab. It feels like ballerinas, fairies, and famous women through time like Cleopatra and Marie Antoinette just woke up one morning – went badass and made a revolt against their beauty standards and threw away their fancy dresses and changed them into dramatic bodysuits. It was just great and a perfect combo to the jewellery. I love fashion that tells a story, it’s so inspiring. MNO0012-665x1000 MNO0282-665x1000 MNO0086-665x1000 MNO0212-665x1000 MNO01521-665x1000 MNO0118-665x1000 MNO0247-665x1000



ph: pinterest
ph: pinterest

I love oceans. How they can be so inviting in        daylight and so frightening in the dark.
The thought of how big and deep it is is a bit     scary but there’s so much beauty under the   surface. The change of colour depending on the weather. How it can go from being calm to violent waves. It’s incredible. I get so calm whenever I’m close to the sea, there’s something so soothing about it. I made a dreamy board on pinterest with different oceans. Feel free to follow me.

Vacay essentials

Vacay essentials
This is my last week at work before I take a well deserved vacation. I’m spending one week in Sweden and two weeks at Korfu, Greece. Since the summer in Norway has been a bit shy I literally can’t wait to feel the sun on my face again. This is what I’m taking with me to Greece: A pair of sunglasses, I love the Caty model from Celiné. A flowy kaftan to wear to the beach. A swimsuit, I’ve been addicted to finding the perfect one and I think this one from Tart is P E R F E C T. A pair of comfy flats since there will be a lot of walking. A hat to protect my hair from the sun. The book “The world according to Karl” It’s a collection of quotes from him and I love these sorts of books. I prefer to read biographies before novels. A large tote bag to keep everything with me such as spf, bodylotion and water.

Rihanna x Harper’s Bazaar

rihanna-4-498x600 rihanna-harpers-bazaar-3 rihanna-sharks-harpers-bazaar-march-2015-photoshoot4

wow! I can barley find words to describe Rihannas cover and story for Harper’s Bazaar US March Issue . A M A Z E. The cover is a bit retro and kind of fun and the pics of her in the water is stunning. incredible. fantastic. I would never dare to swim with sharks but she makes it look like it’s no biggie. There’s also a behind the scene movie of the make of the spred. check it out!