#Fashionweek x Maria Nilsdotter

Maria Nilsdotter showed her s/s 16 jewellery collection at Livrustkammaren in Stockholm. I’m not that into jewellery unless it’s really small pieces that almost no one els but you notice. But the pieces she showed?!?!?! OH MY GOD!! It totally makes me want to change my entire style and dare to ware jewellery like hers. and the styling by Maria Monti is fab fab fab. It feels like ballerinas, fairies, and famous women through time like Cleopatra and Marie Antoinette just woke up one morning – went badass and made a revolt against their beauty standards and threw away their fancy dresses and changed them into dramatic bodysuits. It was just great and a perfect combo to the jewellery. I love fashion that tells a story, it’s so inspiring.

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Personal style & Image

Right now we’re having a class in personal styling at school. I think it’s really interesting how you can use colours, print and shapes to bring out your best features. Personal style and image is about finding out who you want to be and how you want the world to see you. Some of the following pictures are my recent school projects which include a wardrobe plan for a man and guides between different style personalities such as bohemians, minimalists and classical beauties. On monday we’re gonna style each other and I’m really looking forward to it. I’ll show you some pictures then.



This is the minimalist, what defines this look is the simplicity in the pieces but still with a twist such as the black details on the yellow coat or cut outs on the frames of the sunglasses.



the classic look includes clothing that never goes out of style. It’s an elegant and feminin look.



The dramatic style personality is perhaps the most fun and playful there is. Less is more do not exist here. To nail this style try to mix and combine different materials such as leather and silk together with wool och fur to really create some drama around your outfits.



The relaxed style is all about comfort and with a hint of sporty.



the bohemian look is easy to spot. It contains fringes, prints, fur and a lot of details. often with tribe and ethnic references.

when it comes to dressing and creating your look don’t be afraid to combine the different style personalities with each other. Try pairing your basic white T with a pair of leather pants and the classic pumps with a twist in colour or details. This creates a curiosity around your looks and make you and your outfit stand out from the crowd.

Male wardrobe planning

#1 man

This is a wardrobe planning for a man in his thirties, he works in the IT-industry and he’s not into clothes or fashion at all. So his wardrobe has to be functional with key pieces that he can wear on and off work. By building his wardrobe like this it creates a variety of different combination with just a few pieces. The colours and prints are chosen due to what’s suitable for the client and his body. One everyday wardrobe and one suit. Amazing how much you can do with so little, right?

New Year, New Agenda

Since it’s a new year I’m thinking about getting a new agenda. A few weeks ago my class went on a field trip to the Hérmes store where I got my eyes on this pretty thing. It’s their Ulysse MM Agenda Cover in their signature orange. It’s a bit pricey – it’s yours for 380$. But the leather is so soft and well crafted, and after learning about the process and how long it takes to make the products I can understand the price. Now I just wish I didn’t have to spend money on food and rent and other boring things…
Hermes Ulysse MM Agenda
pic via Hérmes.com