London College of Fashion – day 2

So second day of school is done. I can’t explain how much I love it here so I’m nog gonna try to either but oh my I’m so happy here.


Today we met some of our teachers – Fifi who will teach us in fashion history and artifact and Michael who’s the teacher of British cultural studies. They both seems amazing and I got so inspired by the both of them. I just want the classes to start NOW.  We also met a woman who work for WGSN who thought us how to use their services which was fun cause when I studied at SoFI in Norway my trend forecasting teacher taught us so much about the things she talked about so I felt right at home at once haha. Now I’m reeeeeally tired after all the info and impressions of these last two days.

Tomorrow we will be walking around London and hopefully I have the opportunity to take som pictures for the blog. Now I’m off to meet up with two american girls from school for some coffee.




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